About me

I am a Physical Oceanographer. I am now working at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute (Florida State University) with Kevin Speer. From 2008 to 2011, I worked at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton (UK). On this site, you can find my CV as well as a presentation of my main research interests and publications.

Luminy I was born in the South of France and raised between the Alps and Marseille. Since 2004, when I started my PhD, I have been living abroad, for almost 8 years in the UK and now in the US. I have been passionate about the ocean since I was a kid, spending most of my summers snorkeling or fishing in the Mediterranean Sea and knew from an early stage that I wanted a job somehow ocean related. Antarctica has been in my mind for a long time too, since reading a book called "La nuit des temps" (The ice people) by French author René Barjavel. I was lucky enough to find a job where I can go South on a regular basis and I am still amazed at the natural beauty of the Southern Ocean and Antarctica.

NOCS I did my Bsc in Marine environmental studies in Marseille, France (Université de la Méditerranée.). When I started university I wanted to be a marine biologist, until I discovered that I did not like biology and that I was pretty bad at it... I was lucky that in France, the first 2 years cover a wide range of topics (biology, Maths, Physics, geology...). I really enjoyed the physical oceanography and fluid mechanics courses. I did my final year of my undergraduate in England at the University of East Anglia thanks to the ERASMUS program.After my Bsc, I did an Msc in Physical Oceanography still in Marseille and then I moved to Norwich (I guess I must have enjoyed my time there as an ERASMUS student) to start my PhD at the school of Environmental Sciences of the University of East Anglia. After completing my PhD, I moved to Southampton to do a postdoc on the circulation and water mass transformation in the Weddell Sea at the National Oceanography Centre.

FSU Since February 2013, I am postdoc at the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute of the Florida State University. I keep on working on the Weddell Sea and on various aspects of the dynamics of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, in particular in Drake Passage.